I’m not suggesting we be motivated by anything as vulgar as an enormous finder’s fee, but I just thought you might like to bid adieu to our 17th straight month of winter and join me in sunnier climes for a week.

We were talking once…

Do you know Breaking Bad?

while being cute is annoying, being sexy is slutty. while being popular is overrated, being new is annoying. while doing a similar concept is being a wannabe, doing a different one is ridiculous. when you go through a scandal, they tell you that you should disband and when you have no scandals, they ask “who are these nobodies?” female idols deal with hate on a powerful level because part of the kpop fandom won’t be satisfied with them. as comebacks keep happening, the dislike towards girl groups spreads like a fire set by misogynists.

Carmen Comes Home | Keisuke Kinoshita, 1951

They can’t go overboard for you.
Bush Mama | Haile Gerima, 1979

- Your BS stories are getting worse.
- Well aware.

The Third Part of the Night | Andrzej Żuławski, 1971

And now? Are you happy?
Dispersed Clouds (Wakare-gumo) | Heinosuke Gosho, 1951

Treme Season 4: Long Lead Tease (HBO)