Hello, hi. Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

There are a bunch of questions I get on a daily basis, so I figured I might as well answer them here.

For anything else, the ask box is always open.

- I always make my own caps.
- They usually have logos and I just clone stamp the hell out of them (I never make a perfect job, but if one doesn’t know, they probably aren’t going to notice).

It can be time consuming, but once you get used to it, it gets easier and faster.
(There are logoless versions of most American shows currently airing, you just need to look for those fil—s that say WEB-DL.)

- I do not use PSDs. What I do is put a bunch of Curves/Selective Colors (/Color Balance/Levels) on top of my images (I’m being repetitive). My layer palette usually looks like this:

There are no fixed settings. But if you do have a more specific question, you are welcome to ask!
- I do not share my theme.

"turns out that lonely people are all the same"
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