My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doom.
Snowpiercer | Bong Joon Ho, 2013


more future film projects by lars von trier (probably)

  • i’d fuck tarkovsky’s corpse (2015)
  • it’s not racist, it’s subversive (2016)
  • i’m not sexist because i’ve employed women (to talk about their cunts!) (2017)
  • antisemitism: a wild ride (featuring at least 5 tortured, nude white women) (2018)
  • don’t blame me, i’m depressed! (2019)
  • sexually threatening black men (2020)
There’s a morning ritual that comes with opening a store. I lift the metal grates, and then tug down the white plastic blinds that block out all light until they spring back up. I turn on the lights and wait for their mechanical hum to fill the room. I make a general assessment. Shelves, windows, cash register are all in place. The ceiling remains, the tiles on the floor have held. Everything is precisely as it should be. Even now, after all these years, this continues to amaze me. It seems as if time stands completely still at the close of each day, and is resumed only by my return. Sometimes I like to think that if I waited ten or twenty years before opening my store, I could return to find it completely unchanged.
Dinaw Mengestu, The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears

- You are gonna have whatever you want. I don’t care. I’ll go Shirley MacLaine on these people. 
- Shirley MacLaine from Steel Magnolias? 
- No, no, no. Terms of Endearment, honey.

"turns out that lonely people are all the same"
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